An Open Source Point of Sale System Offers Significant Advantages

An Open Source Point of Sale System Offers Significant Advantages

Having a Point of Sale (POS) system is lifeblood for most businesses today. Gone are the days when different business processes are done separately and manually, for that matter. Technology has enabled everyone to become multitasking and increase their productivity, making time for things that matters most.

Most POS systems are pre-programmed that business owners only need to tweak on some items to customize the system with the kind of business they have. These systems do not require a techie person to set it up as most system comes with an online form that business owners or their staff can fill up.

While these POS systems are deemed user-friendly, one cannot deny the advantages that an open source POS system offers. Let’s take a look at them; learn more Point of Sales

  • Open source POS systems use codes to enable things to happen. This may sound too technical at first, and business owners might be mentally calculating the cost they will incur in purchasing the software, hiring a tech to set it up and train the staff to use it, etc. But upon closer look, there is a teeming pool of benefits a business owner can enjoy by using an open source POS system.
  • Flexible and easily works well with other third party applications, open source POS system saves business owner’s money. How? There will be no need for him to purchase additional plugins just because his pre-programmed POS system does not come with such features. Through some series of codes, an open source POS system can integrate accounting software, inventory, sales, and order management system right from the start. On the other hand, business owners can also save money by just selecting those features that he thinks he need in his business. Oftentimes, POS systems have built-in features that a business owner does not really need at the moment but will pay for the whole package.
  • Furthermore, open source POS systems can be updated more often than its pre-programmed counterparts, the latter having to wait until its manufacturer release an updated version. Since open source POS systems are customized based on what the business needs, there are only a few, chosen features that needs to be updated and a community of developers are always on the lookout to produce something new every day.
  • Most importantly, open source POS systems are cheaper than its rival. A business owner only needs to invest on the hardware and start from there.

As mentioned earlier, business owner has the option to only choose what he needs and that alone will save him an amount of money he can use somewhere else.


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